There are various types of public transport in Peru, ranging from modern air fleets to antiquated trucks. In most towns and cities, it’s easy to walk everywhere or take a taxi. Local buses Microbuses and Combies (small vans), are very inexpensive but If you want to travel long distances inter-cities it’s best to bus or fly




Local transporation are crowded but cheap. Ask locals for help, as there aren’t any obvious bus lines in most towns.

A faster, more hair-raising alternative is to take micros or combis, 

Typically, micros and combis are minibuses or minivans stuffed full of passengers. They can be identified by stickers along the outside panels and destination placards in the front windows. You can flag one down or get off anywhere on the route. A conductor usually leans out of the vehicle, shouting out destinations. Once inside, you must quickly squeeze into any available seat, or be prepared to stand. The conductor comes around to collect the fare, or you can pay when getting off


seem to be everywhere. Private cars that have a small taxi sticker in the windshield aren’t necessarily regulated. Safer, regulated taxis usually have a lit company number on the roof and are reached by phone. These are more expensive than taxis flagged down on the street, but are more reliable.

Fares Always ask the fare in advance, as there are no meters. It’s acceptable to haggle; try to find out what the going rate is before taking a cab, especially for long trips. The standard fare for short runs in most cities is around S5.

Tipping Tipping is not the norm, unless you have hired a driver for a long period or he has helped you with luggage or other lifting.


Travel in Peru is almost exclusively done in long distance buses. If you want to travel on a shoestring, buses are the way to go. Don't try to go too cheap, however, as the cheapest companies are neither safe nor reliable

Buses in most of the cities depart from bus terminals called terminal terrestre. The main bus companies that serve Lima with the major cities include


 If you have long legs then stay away from the bus company Oltursa.  Their seats do not have much leg room., even on bus cama buses, and the stewardesses are ditsy.  The semi-cama seats recline 160 degrees but it is still difficult to sleep on them.  Camas recline 170 degrees.  Also, you can get vegetarian meals if you request them when purchasing your bus ticket.  The company Flores sometimes has government policemen checking identification documents when you board the bus.

You can take a bus in from Lima to Cusco,  lasts about 25 hours; Terminal Terrestre or on Avenida Pachacutec.

Cusco buses: if you want to travel to PUNO- CUSCO you can try is options     /



Most visitors begin by flying into Lima Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM), serves as the hub for all four airlines.

Lima Airport is about 8 hours from New York, 7 hours from Atlanta and Houston, and 6 hours from Miami.

U.S. carriers include American, Continental, Delta, and United. From Europe carriers include LAN, Iberia and KLM and non-stop flights take about 12-13 hours.

From Lima, it is a one-hour flight to Aeropuerto Velasco Astete Cusco

Four airlines dominate the domestic routes, with little separating them in terms of quality:

LAN Peru,

Star Peru,

Peruvian Airlines



Peru rail is the company in charge of the railway system. There are two routes in the country; the most touristy and widely used is the Southern one, linking Arequipa with Juliaca, Puno and Cusco, or Juliaca and Puno. The last route departs from Cusco to Machu Picchu and Quillabamba, though the stretch to this last destination is interrupted. The other railroad links Lima with Huancayo and Huancavelica, however, the first stretch is not in service.
When traveling by train, you may choose from several categories depending on your necessities and budget. The best ones are Pullman or buffet; then, first class, business/tourism and the always-overcrowded second class. For the route from Cusco – Machu Picchu there is an auto coach, a kind of faster but costlier electric train.



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Approximately how much should I expect to pay for a taxi from the airport to either Miraflores or the centro? Is the price back to the airport the same?

Answers: Take a taxi which you can book inside the airport. It should not cost you more than $12 to 15 if you go to Lima or Miraflores.

How much should I expect to pay for a taxi from the airport to the Centro of Cusco?

 Take a taxi which you can book inside the airport, $15

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