City of Arequipa

What to do in Arequipa


Santa Catalina Monastery

This labyrinth of a monastery will take you the majority of the day to explore. Santa Catalina Monastery has been nicknamed “the city within a city.” This is due to its expansive size, and the fact that between its opening in 1579 and 1970 the convent remained completely shut off from the outside world. Highlights include traditional kitchens and living quarters, the central cloister, the picturesque silence yard, and an impressive art gallery boasting roughly 400 restored works of religious art

Colca Canyon- the World’s largest Canyon

the largest Canyon in the world is under argument, but let’s say it’s large. Ancient Inca terrasses are build against the rims of the canyon and condors are supposed to be seen on a daily basis.

I plan on going hiking in the canyon and hopefully, if I’m lucky, see the searing birds of prey: the Condors of the Colca Canyon.

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